The Middle East Is Launching Its Own Fashion Council

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The Middle East Fashion Council will work with the big four Fashion Councils towards a sustainable future.

The Middle East Fashion Council (MEFC) will debut in conjunction with Middle East Fashion Week as the first fashion council for sustainability. This announcement will place the Middle East at the center of the global fashion scene.
Based on a few important core values, the MEFC is driving a vision of sustainability first in the region and then across the globe. Simon Lo Gatto, CEO of MEFC said, “We are committed to the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, where we promise to tackle socially and environmentally pressing issues and implement positive change while fostering a culture of integrity, diversity, and inclusion. Our aim is to unite the fashion world as one, singular voice.  Race, religion, and politics aside – we have the power to create positive change and do something positive for the planet.”

With the Middle East positioning itself as a global player in the fashion industry and at the forefront of sustainability, the founding of the MEFC has come at the perfect timing.

“We want to be internationally recognized as the “go-to” platform for sustainable fashion – working in tandem with other major fashion councils to champion realistic and practical solutions for a healthier planet,” said Lo Gatto.  “Our vision is to hold the world’s first carbon-neutral sustainable fashion week under the umbrella of the MEFW.  The location will be truly sustainable, down the very solar energy we use to power the event, and the fashion designers will all be showcasing their sustainable collections. We’re also focusing on solutions to offset the carbon footprint from air travel via reforestation, solar, and wind power initiatives.”

Simon Lo Gatto

The MEFC will be hosting the first carbon-neutral fashion week, called: Sustainable Fashion Days.  It is also aiming to expand the micro summit from March into a full sustainability expo during the October edition of MEFW. The expo will host major payers of the fashion industry to discuss driving the movement forward

“With the introduction of “Sustainable Fashion Days” in October, we will be hosting the first-ever carbon-neutral fashion event. This event will be held at Sustainable City and the designers will all champion sustainable fashion,” says Lo Gatto. “We also aim to offset carbon usage outside of the event by investing in environmental projects such as solar, wind farms, reforestation, for example.”

One of the main initiatives of the fashion council will be to connect local upcoming designers to the global market, through supporting talents and helping them grow their brands. According to Simon, “The MEFC will also support fashion designers and organizations through numerous collaborative activations, expanding the fashion community at home and abroad, with a special focus on highlighting sustainable designers.”

The MEFC hopes Middle East fashion Week will serve as the Middle East’s equivalent to London, Paris, and Milan’s fashion weeks, with sustainability at the forefront, of course. “Middle East Fashion Week aims to consolidate all regional fashion weeks under one platform making this the Internationally recognized fashion week with Dubai and the UAE as the center,” said Lo Gatto.

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